Posting Your Own List

If you would like to post your for sale list on the Record Finder Site and have it automatically included in the daily database update, please follow these instructions.


Create a text file which lists your records one per line (include a price at the end of the line).
Tag each CD with the word "CD" somewhere on the line or the engine will assume that it is a Record.
Remember to include appropriate contact information in this file so people can contact you to purchase your disks.

2A If you have a Netscape Browser, go to the upload form and upload your list.
2B Currently Disabled
Give the file the same name as your email address (e.g. )
FTP to
cd to /pub/ld
PUT the list into the /pub/ld directory
Please be patient, your list may not show up until the next day.
You may post updates each day if you desire.
Lists will be automatically removed after 7 days without an update.


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