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Notification lists are an automated way for you to be automatically notified via email of changes in the results of your searches.  In this way, you can conduct a search for a desired title, and then have the Finder send you email if there are new listings or updates to old listings.

To add to your notification list, simply enter your email address and a password (an "account" is established for you the first time that you add to your list) and push the "Add this query to my notification list button".

You may maintain your notification list, remove yourself from the notification list, delete searches and modify criteria (be careful).

The notification email job runs daily and will process your list as follows:            

               List Size (in titles) Processing Frequency
0 - 4 daily
5 - 9 every other day
10 - 14 every third day
15 - 19 every fourth day
20+ weekly

If you have a list with more than 4 titles and would like it to be processed daily, I will change your list status to daily updates for a $25 annual fee.  You can send payment via mail or PayPal.

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